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Reader questions grass pick up

In the spring of 2014 the lilac tree in my back- yard fell victim to a storm.

Dear Editor,

In the spring of 2014 the lilac tree in my backyard fell victim to a storm in which heavy wet snow snapped its branches.

I spent days hacking, snipping and sawing to get the branches and twigs to the size stipulated by the town of Rimbey.

I then bound them in bundles according to the size, again stipulated by the town of Rimbey (sorry, guys, some were bigger than allowed, but thanks for taking them anyway) and placed them in my back lane.

I knew the town truck would come and pick them up.

I only have a small car that is big enough for me, the missus and the dog and when we go shopping, three packs of toilet paper.

Much has been made of those poor schlemiels in this town that still do not want to leave their grass clippings on their lawns.

I mow my grass and leave it there. No problem. But the prunings of my trees?

Really, am I the only one in this town who would have trouble getting them to the recycle depot on my own?

Council's caving in to some residents' desire for grass pick-up services is hollow, does not do anything for me and has an additional cost that is nothing more than a cash grab. After all, that pick up, until this year, was included in the fees we already were paying.

Edo Deweert



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