Reader questions transparency of MP’s colleagues

I am of the belief that Wetaskiwin MP Blaine Calkins’ latest opinion piece is timed in poor taste.

Dear Editor:

I am of the belief that Wetaskiwin MP Blaine Calkins’ latest opinion piece is timed in poor taste. Mr. Calkins has called into question the transparency and accountability of our Crown corporations, with a decided focus on the CBC.

While I most certainly agree with the idea all entities that receive funds from Canadian taxpayers should be held to the highest standard of accountability, I must first question the transparency and accountability of Mr. Calkins’ own Conservative colleagues.

Recently, the Conservative party has been receiving a well-deserved lashing from the media and public due to the colossal mismanagement of taxpayers’ dollars in relation to the senate scandal. I find it absolutely incomprehensible that Mr. Calkins would spend his time berating crown corporations when, instead, he should be writing to us explaining and apologizing as to how his government has allowed such fiscal negligence.

Not even a month before the Senate scandal was exposed, the Conservative party’s toes were once again held to the fire, as it was revealed by Auditor General Michael Ferguson that $3.1 billion had somehow vanished under the Public Security and Anti-Terrorism Initiative. How is this transparent? How is this being accountable to taxpayers?

I won’t waste your time discussing the F-35 procurement fiasco. Or “Gazebo” Tony Clement. Or the $100 million spent on the self-promoting Economic Action Plan ads. Or Bev “OJ” Oda. Or Peter MacKay’s helicopter holiday. Or the resignation of Conservative MP Brent Rathgeber (who cited a lack of progress on open government). Or the $1 billion spent on G20 security in Toronto. Or the omnibus crime bill. Or the largest federal deficit ever.

In my humble opinion, I feel as though Blaine Calkins is using the CBC and other crown corporations as a red herring. Calkins and his colleagues have shown a great deal of ineptitude when it comes to managing the public purse. Mr. Calkins’ government is a shining example of fiscal mismanagement and wasteful spending.

If you’re interested, here is a shortened link for the CBC’s Proactive Disclosure; where you will find travel and hospitality expense reports, board of directors meeting documents, and court judgments. Just type this URL in exactly as you see it:

Andrew Spelrem