Rimbey Ratepayers Association alive and well

What has happened to the Rimbey Ratepayers Association?

Dear Editor:

What has happened to the Rimbey Ratepayers Association?

First let us reiterate why the association was formed. After seeing evidence of serious misuse of public funds by members of the past council, a group of concerned individuals joined forces to inform the general public of those abuses. The results, which are well known, was a complete change in council membership.

Since then, the RRA has gone into a watching and waiting mode. We have seen no evidence from the present council of public funds being spent for personal gain, pleasure or political influence.

It should be noted by all members of the community no council can be all things to all people and, for them to serve the public in the best possible manner, it is essential for the public to interact with their council by providing constructive advice and encouragement.

With the approaching October municipal election, it is the proper time for people to become involved by either accepting the responsibility of offering themselves as candidates, or assist ing those persons who propose to accept the responsibilities involved in public service. It is important we all get involved for the best interests of our community. Some reading that in our minds should be mandatory for all persons, be they voters or prospective candidates, is Thirteen Ways to Kill Your Community written by MLA Doug Griffiths. This book is readily available in our municipal library. It would appear we in Rimbey have been following the negative points outlined in this book for quite some time now. It is time for all of us to get involved.

The executive of the RRA encourages everyone wanting to turn around this negativity to become involved. Watch for future information regarding meetings and public conversation in the Review or on our website www.rimbeyratepayers.ab.ca.

Earl D. Giebelhaus,

on behalf of the RRA executive