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Rimbey will benefit from library expansion

Although the technical definition of a library is “a room of books,” a library is so much more.

Dear Editor:

After reading Mr. Giebelhaus’s letter in the Jan. 8 edition of the Rimbey Review, I felt a need to respond. Although the technical definition of a library is “a room of books,” a library is so much more. Much the same way a telephone is more than “a device for communicating sound.” A library is a place to bring together a community, to enhance and inspire learning (and not just reading), to expose people to culture and ideas.

I have lived in numerous communities in my life and the library has always been a place for my family to integrate with the community. The Rimbey Public Library has allowed us to do that here and I believe it is

second to none.

Erin, Sam, Erica, Jean and the rest of staff at the library are tremendously hard working and passionate people.

They spend a great deal of time and effort setting up for the special events for children, adult and seniors. Most of the events are extremely well attended and always put a fun spin on something educational.

The Rimbey library is a place with activities for the whole family, for adults to expand their knowledge and experience, while helping children explore their imaginations and nurture their educational growth.  Seniors are given a destination to meet up and discuss a variety of topics or just socialize somewhere other than the coffee


Perhaps the library wasn’t intended to act as a wine tasting venue, or an adult learning centre. Nor was it intended to host political discussions and debates or give free Internet access to everyone, including those who otherwise couldn’t afford it. But is it bad that it does act as those things?

I believe Rimbey only stands to benefit from expanding the library and I support any endeavours made to meet this purpose.

I would also like to thank the Rimbey library for assisting in the intellectual growth of my family. It is a true pleasure to be involved with the Rimbey library.

Luke Halvorsonansion