Siblings impact and shape us

Some people dread the word, and some are at peace with it.


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Some people dread the word, and some are at peace with it. I’m in between the two. I love my siblings but there are times when I just want to get away. No matter what I do, I can never get away. I’m stuck with them, whether I like it or not.

I’m going to discuss how my sisters impacted my life, and how they helped shape who I am today. I will also write about how I feel toward family members and siblings.

When I was younger, I always had people in and out of my life. I was a shy little girl, unless I got the chance to warm up to you. I do recall, however, having a handful of friends from school, but no one compared to my older sisters.

My sisters were my only true friends. I have two older full sisters, Ashley and Samantha. I also have a younger half-sister, Shantell and my most recent little bundle of joy, Broxton, is my little half-brother.

I wasn’t able to see my younger sister a lot when I was young. All I knew were my two big sisters. Ashley was a happy, kind and a bit of a high strung girl like myself. She had a temper at times so, God forbid, you rub her the wrong way. Love her like crazy though. Being only two years younger than my sister Samantha was a treat. She was a funny kid and always had something up her sleeve. We were partners in crime or at least I liked to think so. Wherever Sam was, I was never too far away. We were all so close as kids. I got talking to my sisters about a week ago, and some fun, crazy topics showed up.

Creating barriers, and evenly separating the stuffed animals; we would sit in the darkness of our “10 by 12” room, waiting patiently for one of us to give up their whereabouts, just the slightest noise meant being attacked by a sea of stuffed animals. Doing the craziest things was how we entertained ourselves. “Don’t even get me started!” We were innocent rebels, and by that I mean we liked to think we were being rebels. When, in reality, I’m sure people just looked at us like we were mentally insane, or would look at me and my sisters and respond by saying painful things like, “how cute”.

My sisters and I had rough patches, though. Our relationships were a lot of the time on edge. “She did this, she said that,” was a common phrase used. No matter what was said or what was done, we always ended up forgiving each other, and most of the time the angry phase was over within an hour. It’s funny how children are like that. I looked up to my big sisters, and still do. They always made me feel safe and I was able to let go of things and forget a lot of my fears. They helped me understand and accept many of my insincerities. I learned a fair amount of lessons, and a lot about life; good and bad from them. They saved me from many scary things, whether it be monsters in my room, or growing up not having any idea what to do, or who to be. My heroes.

Family and siblings are very important. They prepare you for the life ahead. I myself know that they can seem cruel at times, but most likely the things they say or things they do are to teach you. It’s hard having siblings.

They bug you, touch your things, tell people your secrets. They make you go somewhat crazy at times. But all those negative thoughts and actions can turn into positive ones. All those times of conflict between me and my sisters seemed horrible and brought me down. But little did I know that one day I would realize that those were the moments that made me such a good listener and a more respectful person.

With that being said I would just like to thank my family and my older sisters for helping me become the kind of person I am today.

Siblings are not all that bad after all.