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Spreading falsehoods can destroy lives


ANN ANONYMOUS / Teen Columnist

When you are made a promise, or told something by someone who you trust, you automatically tend to accept what that person has told you. You make plans, you base your life around the things people tell you. So what needs to occur when what that person says to you, is false? How do you rewind time and erase everything you have built, on the stories you were told?

Throughout your life, I am sure you have been told many, many times, lying is bad, and lying is deceitful. But have you been told why other than the main, and somewhat obvious reasons? Has anyone ever explained the complete ruination you can create in someone’s world? I don’t truly believe the majority of us have been fully aware what lying brings. Not only to oneself, but to others. Without experiencing it first-hand, how can someone honestly teach you the consequences?

Recently, my family and I discovered a person who shared a close relationship to each of us that had been based in lies. When we realized this, we were also forced to come to terms with the fact we were going to have to rethink the life we had chosen to take with this person. That process alone has proven impossible for some of our family. I now have to sit back and watch helplessly as pieces of a shattered heart are repaired.

The fact is, if our relationship with this person had been true, and strong, we would have been somewhere else completely in circumstance and experience. Not only did they ruin a valuable relationship for themselves, they also had a huge impact on our lives. Different actions cause different chains of events. I believe it is critically important for every one of us to remember that, and also recognize the relationships we make should be based on the truth, and integrity. If this cannot be established and demonstrated what is the point in ascertaining them in the beginning?

No amount of external power and control you feel is worth the pain it leaves in its wake. Instead of denying yourself a healthy, mutually benefitting friendship, allow yourself to be accepted for who you are, instead of what you try to portray with the meaningless, futile lies.

You can thoroughly wound someone emotionally, socially and professionally by spreading a falsehood. As opposed to playing up a character, embrace the truths of who you are and wear them proudly. Legitimacy, authenticity and veracity will win over more people than a facade. Keep this in mind next time you make a commitment to someone by creating thoughts, and promises.

To thine own self be true. To everyone else be forewarned.