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The importance of routine


ANN ANONYMOUS / Teen Columnist

Around this time of year, everyone begins to activate the erratic preparation response and make provisions needed for the one thing parents look forward to “the most”, and children dread - September, the “back to school month.” Not only are arrangements for this month important, getting out of your summer routine, and settling back into a more, calm, and consistent regular routine are perhaps even more significant. This seemingly monotonous, tedious, and of course repetitive sequence or events, helps you prepare yourself and your family for the coming months’ schedules.

Throughout summer, we all tend to stay out past our customary or established time allowable for the school months and sleep in until at least half the daylight has dwindled away. When trying to modify and alter your unconventional schedules, initially it will be a test to adapt a more conservative timetable. Although it may be difficult, it will provide you with an exceeding advantage when the school year resumes. You will be attentive, and strong-minded throughout the morning, you will have adapted to awaking earlier. While other groggy, lethargic individuals trudge by, you have the advantage of being well rested. Even though you don’t want to surrender the precious last moments of summer to schedule, you will be in high spirits once you see how it benefits you.

If you lack in motivation, try sacrificing only an hour or two at night and fall asleep instead of putting on a movie. Grasp and appreciate the difference in the morning – the energy to pull yourself from under the covers, and start your day earlier than 12 noon. I myself am a terrible sleep-in addict. Up until the last few weeks, I couldn’t get up before 11 a.m. - at least without scowling. I knew that I needed my routine back or September would be a nightmare. I began reading a chapter or two of a book before I fell asleep. It both increases brain function, and makes you tired, by focusing on the words for an extended period of time. Now I can easily get up prior to 9 a.m.

Start prepping yourself. We have only a few days left - revel in the last rays of sunshine but remember your main commitment should be to start to shift toward the importance of your education. To further your achievement optimal level of productivity adopt your old routine that you gleefully tossed away as soon as the last bell rang for summer!


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