Golfing siblings set hole-in-one record at Gull Lake Golf Course

Golfing siblings set hole-in-one record at Gull Lake Golf Course

Young golfers ace the same hole

The hole-in-one record held by the Gull Lake Golf Course’s junior league was recently beat twice in the same week; the golfers are 10 and eight years old, and brother and sister.

Kohen Yeske, 10, hit a hole-in-one at the Gull Lake Golf Course at hole 4 on July 25, making him the youngest member of the club’s junior league to ever do so.

Just days later, on July 29, his sister Kali, 8, was able to nab the title for herself when she sunk a hole-in-one of her own, at the exact same hole.

“It hit the hill and it rolled in. I threw my club and I had to dodge it because I wasn’t looking because I was too happy,” said Kohen.

Kohen started playing golf at five years old. “I want to get five hole-in-ones in my life. I’ve already got one.”

For Kali, her hole-in-one saw less roll and more bounce. “It hit the green and it bounced into the hole.”

“It’s just super-duper-luper exciting,” she added.

Kali also started playing golf at five years old.

The family lives in Calgary and spends their summers at Meridian Beach.

“This junior league is very unique. It really promotes juniors,” said Shawna Yeske, proud mother of the two prestigious golfers. “We think it’s better than anything we could find in Calgary.”

Shawna says the family feels it is important to introduce Kohen and Kali to many different sports, and golf is one they will be able to enjoy for years to come.

There is a tradition in golf following a hole-in-one, the ringing of the bell and a round of drinks bought by the golfer.

Being junior golfers, in this case ice cream became a more appropriate substitute. While Kohen shot his hole-in-one on a Tuesday his round of ice cream went to the junior golfers who come to the golf course on Wednesdays. The junior program also meets on Saturdays, the same day Kali hit hers.

It’s unbelievable. It’s pretty cool,” said Gull Lake Golf Course co-owner Eamon McCann.

McCann says over the years there have been other junior golfers at the course to get hole-in-ones, but none as young as Kohen and Kali.

The Gull Lake Golf Course started its junior program 24 years ago with six golfers. It now it features 72 young golfers and has seen more than 90 in other years.

McCann says he feels part of the success of Kohen and Kali comes back to the golf course’s golf academy, taught by professional golf instructor Laura Witboet. “I guess I look at that thinking that’s some good training.”

The two young golfers also have some ties to a third hole-in-one.

During the golf course’s July 15 Pro Am, Kohen — who golfed in the tournament — and Kali — who caddied for golfer Dirk Ayers — meet Australian golfer David McKenzie, who also golfed a hole-in-one during the July 27-30 Senior British Open in Wales, said McCann

“It happened in Wales but we’re taking credit for it,” joked Gull Lake Golf Course co-owner Carla McCann, laughing.

“They got to meet him,” she added.