Share your priorities for amateur sport

A new online survey asks Albertans to make choices about how they would allocate support to different areas of sport.

A new online survey asks Albertans to make choices about how they would allocate support to different areas of sport.

“Sport has a positive impact on our lives and on our communities. It builds character, fosters civic pride and makes us healthier. We need to maximize the power of sport to enhance Albertans’ quality of life and a renewed Alberta Sport Plan will help us achieve that goal. We want to increase the number of people involved in sport – from playground to podium – while making efficient use of our resources,” said Richard Starke, minister of tourism, parks and recreation

The survey at is one part of a consultation to renew the Alberta Sport Plan. The updated plan will guide the Alberta government’s priorities concerning amateur sport in the province for the next 10 years.

“Participation in sport reaches far beyond the boundaries of the playing surface and competition. Equally important, are the social impacts that are grown through sport involvement. Whether you are competitive or leisure minded, Albertans have a unique opportunity to guide the long-term direction of the Alberta Sport Plan. Your input is critical to the success of this Plan and its effect on a healthier Alberta,” said Karl Hill, director of community services with the Town of Stony Plain, and a member of the Alberta Sport Plan Advisory Committee

At, Albertans can indicate how they would prioritize six different areas of sport:

• physical literacy;

• introduction to sport;

• recreational sport;

• competitive sport;

• high performance sport; and,

• sport for development.

The online survey will be available until end of day on Oct. 11. For those who prefer paper copies of the survey, they are available by calling 780-427-6549 (Dial 310-0000 first to connect toll-free).

Results from the online survey will help shape subsequent steps in the consultation, including a Sport Forum Nov. 1 and 2 and a series of regional meetings with representatives from across the broad spectrum of sport. Feedback received through all of these channels will inform the draft Alberta Sport Plan, which is expected to be available for review by all Albertans in 2014.

Guiding the Alberta Sport Plan consultation throughout the entire process will be the Alberta Sport Plan Advisory Committee, composed of representatives from a wide variety of areas including community recreation, provincial sport representatives, sport development and high performance sport and numerous Alberta government ministries.