Pas Ka Poo Park is home to many historical buildings and museums and is often used as a venue for town activities such as Canada Day celebrations.

Pas Ka Poo Park provides a historical snapshot of Rimbey

Pas Ka Poo Park is one of Rimbey’s greatest treasures and a great delight to residents and visitors, alike.

Pas Ka Poo Park is one of Rimbey’s greatest treasures and a great delight to residents and visitors, alike.

The park contains a historic village and the Smithson Truck Museum, both of which provide a fascinating snapshot of days gone by.

The village, open from mid-May to early September, includes a main museum as well as the Arch Rib Museum built on site in 1970 that displays household and small business artifacts. The Park also contains a number of historic buildings, including the Bluffton Legion Hall, built in 1952 that houses several war veterans’ artifacts. A train station from the early 1900s along with a wooden caboose built in 1947 and a barbershop and meat market built in 1915 help makes up the village.

The Kansas Ridge School, built in 1902, reminds visitors of school days of long ago.

The Rimbey town office, built as a residence in 1915, prior to becoming the town office and Rimbey’s first church, the Church of Epiphany, built in 1908 using vertical logs, add an interesting addition to the historical village.

A hand-hewn homesteaders’ log cottage built in 1932 is also part of the scenario.

Near the park’s playground are replicas of a blacksmith shop and a trapper’s cabin. Just outside the trapper’s cabin stands ‘The Traveler,’ a chainsaw creation by local artist Darren Jones and donated by his family in 2002.

The medical museum, displaying memorabilia from the Rimbey hospital, is now open. Park officials are interested in obtaining stories of artifacts from St. Paul’s Hospital, which closed in 1930 or the Three Way Hospital, which became the Chronic Convalescent Three Way Hospital.

In 1990 the Rimbey Historical Society added a museum to house Ken Smithson’s collection of 19 restored international pickup trucks and The Smithson International Truck Museum was created.

The museum houses the most complete collection of International half-ton trucks in the world.

In 2002, for the town’s 100th anniversary, a 1957 anniversary edition truck was refurbished and donated. Volunteers have restored a 1928 International truck from the ground up, complete with a hand carved wooden steering wheel.

An extensive license plate collection and many vintage photographs are also in the truck museum, which is open daily.

Call ahead to book a tour guide at 403-843-2004 or simply stop by the park.

Cheryl Jones, administrator for the Rimbey Historical Society, said several events are planned at the park for the next few months to provide fun and entertainment.

A Booknic will be held Aug. 22 and a cultural café focusing on Africa is planned for the evening of Aug. 8.

Farmers’ markets will be held every Saturday at the park, unless the weather is unfavorable, until October.

Weddings, mystery tours and senior tours are all part of the exciting scenario at Pas Ka Poo Park throughout the summer.

The grounds of the park are beautified by hanging baskets supplied by Holly’s Greenhouse and volunteers from the Horticultural Society who plant lovely flowers.

Artifact donations and volunteer help are always welcome at Pas Ka Poo Park.