Driving while suspended from doing so doesn’t pay off

Drivers behind wheel without motor vehicle licenses face charges

By Treena Mielke

Last Friday did not fall on the thirteenth of the month, but nonetheless, it turned out to be an unlucky day for two men who were driving vehicles on Hwy. 20 while their driver’s licenses were suspended.

Const. Carman Dutz from Rimbey RCMP reports that a member from the detachment noticed a vehicle slowing down while traveling on Hwy. 20 north of Rimbey. He said the driver seemed to be having vehicle problems, so he pulled over to help out, but did a routine license plate check.

As it turned out, the owner of the vehicle, who also happened to be behind the wheel, turned out to have a suspended driver’s license.

While the officer was finishing up the paperwork on this individual another vehicle passed that appeared to be suspicious. Once again, the officer’s suspicions were confirmed and the driver of this vehicle was not only driving with a suspended license, he had outstanding warrants and was in possession of drugs.

Both vehicles were towed and the drivers charged accordingly.