Tammy and Dodo Freerksen with awards received from the Provincial School Bus Road-eo held on June 6 in High River. Dodo Freerksen received first and will compete in the International Safety Competition held in Minneapolis

Husband and wife team do well at provincial school bus road-eo competition, off to Minneapolis competition

Dodo and Tammy Freerksen, school bus drivers for several years for Wolf Creek Public Schools.

Dodo and Tammy Freerksen, school bus drivers for several years for Wolf Creek Public Schools, are soon to be off to an International Safety Competition to be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Dodo Freerksen received first place in the provincial school bus road-eo on June 6 and will be one of two drivers from Canada to compete in the big bus category in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

His wife, Tammy placed fifth overall and achieved the status of being the most professional driver in Alberta.

She is excited and pleased with her win.

“I am very pleased. That was my coveted moment.”

However, as a fifth place finisher, Freerksen won’t advance to the international level this year, but will go along on the trip to support her husband.

“Dodo did really, really well,” she said. “And I will help him when we travel down there. We will do well. We’re very prepared. And I’m a good cheerer.”

Dodo Freerksen has been driving bus for 12 years in the Rimbey area for Wolf Creek Public Schools and First Student. He has competed at school bus road-eos for 12 years. His third place win at the local road-eo in Airdrie on May 23 allowed him to advance to provincials.

During the competition, Dodo successfully negotiated an obstacle course composed of a right turn, diminishing clearance, curb park, backup, uncontrolled rail crossing, straight line, offset alley, student pick-up, parallel park and stop line.

Tammy Freerksen, who has been a bus driver for 16 years in the Rimbey area, has competed in road-eos for 15 years.

This year she had the highest scores in the written and pre-trip components and placed first at the local level.

She has won first and second in previous road-eos and competed internationally.

“This time I can sit back and relax and take the time off,” she said.

She said both she and her husband enjoy competing in the rodeo-eos.

“We push each other forward.”

The Freerksen have four children, one of whom is still attending high school in Rimbey.

“None of our kids are coming with us,” she said. “This is our trip.”