Local 25-year-old man charged with drug trafficking again

Rimbey RCMP detachment investigated 57 files this week.

  • Tue Nov 18th, 2014 6:00am
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Rimbey RCMP detachment investigated 57 files this week. Highlights include a major drug bust, poaching, thefts, mischief, domestic disputes and other serious matters.

Drug charges laid

Mounties in Rimbey, in their continued effort to crack down on local drug dealers, executed a search warrant at a property in Rimbey located in very close proximity to a school. Rimbey officers called in members from all neighbouring detachments and a police dog to assist with the bust. Acting under the authority of a search warrant following a lengthy investigation, police raided the property after midnight on Friday, November 7. Police seized methamphetamine, cocaine, marihuana, magic mushrooms and illegal pills. Illegal weapons were also seized, including brass knuckles, a high powered rifle, two semi-automatic carbine assault rifles (Soviet military type machine guns) and a large amount of ammunition. In total, 4 persons were arrested at the scene and taken to jail and others questioned and released. Dustin McLaughlin, a 25-year-old man from Rimbey, has been charged with nearly 20 criminal charges in this case, including drug trafficking. McLaughlin, who is very well known to police, has been charged with drug trafficking in Rimbey on previous occasions. McLaughlin remains in jail until his next court appearance on December 5th in Rimbey where he will stand before the Judge.

Deer and rifle seized

A Mountie patrolling near Leedale stopped a truck with three local men headed for home only a mere mile from their destination. The so called “hunters” were found to have a mule deer buck they had shot in the back of the truck with no tag on it. Also, they had not taken the time to gut the animal and gave a story of how they shot it “way out west by Oras Road”. What they didn’t realize is that the officer who stopped them had been photographing this buck in the summer where it had been seen often in the field just over the hill from where the bandits were stopped. Sure enough, when the officer checked the field in the daylight the following day, a fresh kill site was found where a mule deer had been shot and loaded in a truck but not field dressed on private land. In this case, the deer and rifle were seized by police. Multiple charges are pending as the investigation continues in this case including hunting without a license, trespassing, misleading a police officer, and firearms offences. In total, police seized four hunting rifles and laid numerous charges for hunting and firearm offences in the Leedale and Gimlet area.

Domestic assault

On November 14, a local man was arrested for assaulting his common-law spouse during an argument where he even went so far as to throw her out of her own house. Police quickly obtained a warrant and arrested the highly intoxicated 37-year-old accused in the residence without further incident. The man was transported to jail and held in custody facing numerous criminal charges.

Random checkstops

As Christmas swiftly approaches, many of us will be celebrating the holiday season with parties and other festivities. Please, remember to plan ahead and have a way to get home after an evening of partaking in alcoholic beverages. Mounties will be conducting random Checkstops throughout the detachment area. There were over 60 people last year charged with drunk driving in Rimbey who will all tell you – it isn’t worth it! Don’t drink and drive.

Remembrance Day

It was our great honour to attend the various Remembrance Day Ceremonies at local schools and at the Community Centre. It was breathtaking to see so many people honouring those who served and who continue to serve our country to preserve our freedoms. Thank you for your continued prayers and support for our members. We are extremely proud to serve Rimbey and the three fine Counties in our detachment area.