New Rimbey Seniors’ lodge Questions and answers

The following questions were asked at the meetings regarding the new proposed seniors’ lodge.

  • Tue Sep 22nd, 2015 3:00pm
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The following questions were asked at the meetings regarding the new proposed seniors’ lodge at meeting held Wednesday at the Peter Lougheed Community Centre and Parkland Manor.

*Are there regulations as to how close the pond can be to homes and what is the water source?

Yes, there are regulations. The water source is ground water.

*What will be done with the existing hole at the site?

It will be filled.

*Why is the parking lot located in that spot?

The building, itself, is to be built on the higher ground and the parking lot is located in the best topographical location.

*Why wasn’t MLA Jason Nixon invited to the meeting?

Nixon was invited, but was at a prior engagement in Medicine Hat.

*How many exits in the building for fire safety.

There are four stairwell exits from the second floor. Residents can be moved from one wing to another if there is a fire as there are fire walls. There is also a full sprinkler system and the need to evacuate residents from the building is very rare.

*Will there be smoking gazebos?

That will be determined at a later date. There is a possibility that high school students could build such a structure.

*What is the situation with municipal reserve?

The municipal reserve was implemented by Rimbey Town Council as a way of transferring the storm pond to the town. The County of Ponoka did not purchase the municipal reserve.

*What will it cost someone in the high income bracket and what is the cost for a couple with a minimum income.

They will be charged according to 30 per cent of their income, but it will be capped at approximately $1,450 monthly. The cost per couple per month with a minimum income is $2,200.

*Will there be internet access?