Ponoka County tightens belt on donations

Ponoka County remains on fence regarding donation to Rimbey's community centre roof

By Treena Mielke

Ponoka County has not removed a yellow light regarding funding for a new roof for The Peter Lougheed Centre Community  roof.

The county, who has been on the fence regarding the funding for the community centre, is still undecided. However, at the last county council meeting, councillors agreed funding requests for such big-ticket items may need to be frozen for the time being.

At the county meeting April 21, final approval was not given to the $33.5 million budget. A decision regarding requests such as roof work on the community centre, renovations to Liberty Hall and an expansion for the Rimbey museum have been put on hold for further discussion. The possibility of a funding request being granted for money to assist with planning for renovations to the Ponoka recreation facility is also yet to be decided.

At the meeting, councillors agreed the county needed to be cognizant of using dollars frugally and spending only for the benefit of taxpayers.

Rimbey mayor Rick Pankiw said he understands the county’s hesitation to give out the funding.

“Everybody is in the same boat,” he said. “At the end of the day, we appreciate and will be forever grateful for Ponoka County and all they do to help us out.”

Pankiw said the roof work would go on with or without the financial support of Ponoka County.

The town has budgeted $385,000 for the community centre roof.

Cooper Roofing has been hired to replace the roof and

Work could begin on the project by early summer.

Community director Cindy Bowie said once two HVAC units are installed on the roof, work can begin.

“I’m hoping by the end of May,” she said.

The new roof will take approximately two months to complete depending on the weather.

The company’s bid of $264,595 plus GST includes replacing all the roof drains and gum boxes as required, sealing all roof obstacles and perimeter properly and the use of 250 gravel cap sheet was accepted by council.

Cooper Roofing offers a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 15-year workmanship warranty.

The warranty is important to council and myself,” said Bowie.

Extra costs would include wet insulation replacement for $1.95 a square foot up to one-inch thickness, mechanical/electrical disconnections and lift three large HVAC units.

Coun. Mathew Jaycox said it was important to ensure a walkway would be included in the roofing design.

“We do have a lot of roof traffic,” said Bowie, adding she will talk to Cooper Roofing about the additional expense.

The community centre roof has had minimal repairs over the past 30 years and the life expectancy of the tar and gravel roof material is near completion, said Bowie.