Rimbey Kinsmen looking for donors for skateboard park

After initially denying a request from Rimbey Kinsmen to build a $400,000 skateboard park

After initially denying a request from Rimbey Kinsmen to build a $400,000 skateboard park, Ponoka County Council has come up with a $40,000 donation for the park.

Reeve Paul McLauchlin said the county is being more tight-fisted about donations as it has plans to put several million dollars into infrastructure in the coming year which will take a huge chunk out of the 2015 budget.

“We are definitely supportive, but we are pulling back on our donations,” he said.

McLauchlin said the county is looking at spending between seven and nine million dollars on infrastructure next year and really need to keep a close eye on their expenditures.

“We are looking at really expensive road development,” he said. “And we have a million dollar bridge to build on (Hwy. 771).

The $40,000 will help the Kinsmen Club reach their goal of $140,000 needed to match the Community Facility Enhancement Program grant they want to apply for, but leaves them scrambling to find more donations.

“It sounds like the county might help us next year, as well. But right now we are trying to look for other donators and sponsors. We need money,” said project chairman Allen Adam.

A town meeting has been tentatively scheduled for Oct. 1 at the community centre and a conceptual drawing of the park will be shown at that time.

As well as the county’s donation of $40,000, the town has donated land worth $160,000 and Canline Gazelle’s Group of Companies has added $3,000 to the pot.

The county has donated $40,000, the town donated land worth $160,000, and

Adam said the Kinsmen plan to hold a Christmas fundraiser with a comedian and ventriloquist.

The Kinsmen were hoping to begin the skateboard park next spring and have utilized the services of New Line Skateparks Inc. to build it.

The town has provided land on the south side of the Lions Park for the park.

Funding for the original skateboard park, which was removed as it had become a safety hazard was provided by the Lions Club and community lottery funds.