Rimbey RCMP extremely busy dealing with thefts, fraud, domestic disputes

This week, Rimbey RCMP Detachment members were extremely busy and responded to 70 calls

  • Wed Jun 10th, 2015 5:00pm
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This week, Rimbey RCMP Detachment members were extremely busy and responded to 70 calls for service. Highlights include domestic disputes, fraud, theft of cattle, illegal drugs, theft of mail and other serious matters.

Police respond to domestic violence

Police responded to several cases of violence in a relationship. One investigation resulted in the man being charged with assault. It is not acceptable to hit or head butt your spouse. Unbelievably, in today’s day and age, we have to actually state that. If you are experiencing strife at home and it is escalating to potential violence, there is help. Please contact the Rimbey and District Victim Services Unit at (403) 843- 8494 for assistance before the police have to become involved.

RCMP target drug trade

RCMP in Rimbey continue to target the illegal drug trade in our community. An investigation has revealed that a local man is responsible for bringing hard drugs, such as meth and cocaine, into the community. Officers are cur- rently tracking down this drug dealer on an outstanding arrest warrant. Multiple charges are pending in this matter. The adult male is very well known to police and is evading being captured. It is only a matter of time till he is in custody as he is running out of couches to flop on in the area.

Cattle theft reported

A local rancher called po- lice to report a possible theft of cattle. When checking his herd, he noticed that a number of his yearlings were missing. With low water levels in the rivers and creeks, cattle are now able to cross waterways without any fencing to hold them in your pasture. Please keep an eye on your herd and ensure they are not leaving your property. It may save you asking the question, “where’s the beef?”

Fraud investigated

Following a fraud inves- tigation, a 40 year old male resident of Rimbey, was arrested and charged with forgery. The accused stole checks belonging to a local woman and forged her name when he used the checks to obtain money from the victim’s account.

Impaired lawn mower driver crashes

Police continue to diligently work towards reducing the number of impaired drivers in the community. The Rimbey Community Wellness Group has put up signs all over town asking citizens to report an impaired driver by calling 911 in attempts to curb the danger. Drinking and driving is no joke; however, this week, officers were dispatched to a rollover involving an impaired driver on a street in town. When police arrived, the man, who is well known to police, was found to be intoxicated and holding his head in agony. His vehicle was upside down and smoking from the collision. Fortunately, the man did not hit anyone else and he was not seriously injured when he crashed his riding lawn mower!

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