Dad deserves recognition on Father’s Day and every day

Father’s Day! We celebrate it every year. We give thanks, and show just how much we appreciate and love our fathers.


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Father’s Day!

We celebrate it every year. We give thanks, and show just how much we appreciate and love our fathers. Every father is different, making every father the best we could hope for. They have sacrificed so much and loved us even at the worst of times.

I’m going to write a bit about my father Travis Snell and the amazing father he has been to my siblings and me. And, I will include some of the things that make me so fond of him.

Now, I know it’s very common on Father’s day to say “number one dad!” or “world’s best dad” but “come on, my father and all fathers are number one every day, not just on Father’s Day.

I couldn’t have asked for a more crazy, cool dad. My dad, Travis has four daughters and a son so it’s safe to say he’s been a pretty busy 42-year-old. For the last 25 years or so he has worked in construction, but he has always managed to find the time to do stuff for us kids.

This man has always been so loving, sometimes showing it in little hints or actions, or with those painful yet comforting whisker rubs of his. He has never been shy to show the love he shares for his children.

When I was little I bonded with my father in some pretty funny ways, including getting a bit too rowdy, always wrestling him and beating him up. After we ended the match he would usually say to me, “I wasn’t even trying.”

“Come on, dad, I knew you were.”

I still wrestle him from time to time. My dad would take us kids on these adventures he liked to call ‘Chapters’ which consisted of going out into the woods on our ugly, yet functional ATVs, or old Toyota truck, and rip up the trails. We would return home with a blanket of mud covering 90 percent our bodies besides our eyes and ears. It was fun, of course, until dad told us kids to go rinse off with the freezing water from the hose.

My dad’s always been a very spontaneous guy, sometimes just coming up to us and saying the words “pack a bag.” He would make a plan to go out for supper in town, but more often than not end up in Banff or Edmonton. He is hilarious, always cracking jokes or making the world’s weirdest faces. This man should have been a comedian. I don’t know why, but something really funny he does is add an extra sound or syllable to his words, or makes up these sayings that only a comedic genius like my father could make.

Travis Snell has been exposed to a ton of problems but he always ends up pulling through them. My father has experienced loss and stress only some hear about. He is the strongest man I know, not only in regards to his rough exterior, but the fight he has inside him. He has made my siblings and me very proud even if we have falling outs, we will always love him and look up to him. He has conquered so much and continues to amaze me. I only hope he would say the same for me. Everything this man has done has only made him the respected and amazing man and father he is today. I’m proud of you, dad. Thank you for everything. Your kids love you, your grandkids love you and you bring so much happiness into our lives.

Every son and daughter has different memories and has been through ups and downs with their fathers but that doesn’t mean the love ever leaves. No matter what, we are still your sons and daughters and you are still our wonderful, loving fathers. We could never ask for more.

Happy Father’s Day to all the crazy wonderful fathers out there.