History of old Scout Hall dates back to early ‘20s

I noticed that the building, which the Helping Hands were using, has also been referred to as the Old Scout Hall.

Dear Editor,

Re: Helping Hands Building

Reading in the Rimbey Review I noticed that the building, which the Helping Hands were using, has also been referred to as the Old Scout Hall.

There was also reference to not having any historical funds to preserve this old building.

However, would it not be better to spend two dollars of taxpayers’ money to retain a community asset rather than one dollar of taxpayers’ money to dispose of that asset?

The history of this building dates back to before 1924. In 1924 there is a record of this building being used as an intermediate schoolroom in Rimbey.

In 1924 the Rimbey School Board of Trustees having raised by means of debentures the sum of $20,000 started the building of a much-needed new school making this building available for other uses.

Kitchener Lodge #95 which is the Masonic Lodge located in Rimbey, inquired of the School Trustees the opportunity to purchase this building for a Rimbey Masonic Lodge.

The Masonic Lodge in Rimbey purchased this building for the $350.00. Brother Francis Robert Symonds gifted to the Lodge Lot 5 Block A, Plan 1962C.J which is located at the south west corner of the Lions Park where the skate park is now being built.

Several of the contractors from Edmonton who were in Rimbey building the new School were Masons and agreed to assist the local Masons in building a foundation of first class brick and tile upon which to place this new lodge hall.

The old school building, now a new Masonic Lodge Hall was successfully moved to this lot November 29, 1924.

The building was made ready and the first Masonic meeting in this new lodge was April 06, 1925. This was to be the Rimbey

Masonic Lodge Hall until December 10, 1963 when the Masons moved into the Legion Hall.

During the time that the Masons retained this building and a Chapter of the Eastern Star used it and the Anglican Church used it as a Sunday School for the children.

On October 13, 1964 the building was leased to the Union College. On June 14, 1966 the building was sold to The Boy Scouts for $300.00 to be moved and the lot cleaned up.

The building was subsequently moved to the northwest corner of the same property, a basement put under it, and it has become the old Scout hall and most recently, the building that housed Helping Hands.

In short, records show the building was built prior to 1924 and went from an intermediate schoolroom to Masonic Lodge Hall to a Scout Hall and to a Helping Hands facility. At all times it served Rimbey residents within the Rimbey village and town.

W.Brother Allan Tarleton,